This was my review which shapr would not let me post


This was my review which Shapr would not allow me to post on app store. I hate being so negative–but you guys are hard to reach, and it is incredibly difficult to fine tune the apple pencil to your app. I can’t even get a simple rectangle to hold still, parallel and well, square. The pencil is in charge of too many nuanced functions; touch the screen one way you make a line, another way, its an arc, touch it another way and the whole geometry breaks apart or moves off the grid. Why so finnicky? I bought the Ipad on the strength of the features of apps like yours, hoping I would master the learning curve. No luck so far. The videos are helpful, but still leave me wondering why simple geometry should be so complicated. How does one get in contact with you folks to give you negative, but maybe helpful(?) reviews?

my unpublished review:

Non-intuitive. Frustratingly difficult to perform even the simplest of functions. part of the problem is inherent with a reliance on the apple pencil interface.
Horrible workarounds for exporting and saving files. (just take a screenshot!–Really??! is that the best you can do, Shapr?)
Apparently non-existent support. I guess you have to refer to the Shapr loyalist web-postings. I had such high hopes for this too.

Even after watching hours of tutorials, you will find simple tasks overly complicated and needlessly finicky. Why should a simple rectangle - which you can create in SU in seconds - take minutes to get right? Try drawing one- go ahead,. I’ll wait.

Anyway, panning around your 3D model and extruding and chamfering a variety of shapes is endless fun, if all you want to do is some free-form sculpting, but I was hoping this would be an actually USEFUL tool. Stick to Desktop based Sketchup if you want to get anything done quickly.


Thank you very much for posting, let me get some things straight.

  • we have nothing to do with the App Store reviews, it’s completely under Apple’s control
  • I am not entirely sure why you think that we are hard to reach, when our average response time on the forum is under an hour, on Facebook and twitter it’s under 30 minutes, and we have a public email address on our website, and even I give my own email address to everyone and answer in 24 hours
  • we help each and every Shapr user, including the free users as much as possible, eg. if someone has an issue we take the time to make a screen recording
  • we support STEP, IGES, STL, Parasolid (x_t) and image exports, you can take screenshots as well.

We are really sorry that Shapr made you that frustrated, and we are doing our best to improve it every single day.

Here is a video that will explain how to draw a rectangle - in the first ten seconds I just create a regular rectangle, after that you can see how to do the same with constraints. Let me know if this helped.


I’m sorry, but I find your review ridiculous. I’ve had my fair share of bugs and odd behaviors, and every now and then I admit it is frustrating.

But at the same time if things go smooth, it’s the best and most intuitive interface I know. The straight/circle/arc behavior take some getting used to, but it IS explained in the tutorials how you wiggle the pen to swap modes. And with the quick undo you can even ignore that.

For me, adding a square DOES take seconds, including necessary constraints and measurements.

Last but not least responses here are usually very quick, even on weekends, and helpful.

So there must be a big portion of your own behavior in the problems you’re describing.


Thanks, Istvan.

Great on the response time, for sure, but like most paths to reach the folks in charge, yours is convoluted. I had to do alot of searching to even find out how to get a hold of you. Ending with me posting to your help board. A contact email posted on your website may be more helpful for people like me, who are NOT on facebook, twitter, social media, etc.

This should be viewed by your staff as constructive criticism, nothing you personally should feel defensive about.

Also, you should realize my criticism of your nuanced functions, all commanded by a 1mm pencil point, is a valid criticism. You have adopted a fairly new piece of technology to replace COMPLETELY, a piece of old technology in mouse/trackpad,etc. So, part of the problem is Apple, but also part Shapr, in adopting one tool for effective use of your app.

I’m certain mine is not the only negative feedback you encounter. If you are a developer/technician, I’m sure you’re extremely close to the functioning and interactivity of your app and the hardware necessary tobe proficient with it, but just step back and imagine your typical newbie user, like me, trying to deal with a single pencil point alternately dragging, drawing, deleting, measuring, etc. on a 12" screen. Some things I have found very frustrating, which are not unique to my experience, im sure:

-Drawing a square should not involve creating 2 independent sets of parallel lines! Where’s the rectangle tool? I don’t see one! Creating a rectangle tool would be hugely helpful!

-Extruding is great functionally, but sometimes the pencil grabs the surface and allows you to extrude, and sometimes it just draws another tiny line on the plane, which ultimately needs to be deleted.

-offset tool is great, but also just too finicky; sometimes it is in offset mode, other times, you’re accidentally chamfering a surface.

Have you tried separating some of the pencil functions by adding a ‘mode’ switch before each function, or something similar? akin to a function key on a qwerty keypad?
Having so many open, active modes on the stylus you’re using makes the functionality complicated, and IMO, reduces proficiency.

Another note; I take the time to offer sincere, constructive criticism -even if it is couched in a negative, or ‘frustrated’ user experience response-. It is my hope that you view my feedback seriously and not internalize it personally as an attack on your product. I have had a legitimately frustrating experience with your product, which ahs kept me from making a long-term subscription purchase. Your response has only reinforced this decision for me so far. The learning curve for me is FAR steepr withyour product than it was for me with Sketchup. These are different apps, I know. I want to use both. Yours, for mobile rendering, SU for final rendering in my office. There shouldn’t be such a long learning curve with this app and with the pencil’s functionality, in my honest opinion. Sincere thanks for taking the time to hear me out and responding.

best regards,

Michael Sheehan


Joseph here
Just a regular user as yourself
Chiming in to make a few points
Yes, posting a review in the App Store can be a bit frustrating
Think there is a very specific dance that must be done (rate the app first and then type the review in, or could be the opposite) either way just to repeat Istvan, the Developers do not have any control over Reviews in the App Store be they good or bad!
In the top left hand corner of the Shapr App there are a few icons, one of them being a graduation hat
If you click on it a drop down menu will show it’s self
One of the options says "Community"
The link will will bring you directly to this here Forum
And let us say this very publicly
The folks at Shapr are some of the most engaging, open and accessible developers out there!
Now yes maybe you had some trouble getting here but the fact that they put the link within the app should be recognized and commended
Once here the robustness of the functioning of the forum is impressive
As you type your question you will be fed intelegent recommendations of other people’s questions
There is also the capability to private message someone directly, Istvan being one of them, along with this there are a host of ways to monitor new posts or to follow existing ones
The folks at Shapr are more than willing to take suggestions and to hear out complaints
And make no mistake, we’ve personally pushed rather hard in debating for a function or questioning logic of a choice
Istvan and the developers at Shapr have always been gracious and inviting to converse
So in closing we have a few questions for you if you don’t mind
Is this your first iPad?
What are you hoping to accomplish in using Shapr, do you have a specific task in mind?
Are you an Engineer or Designer already?
Shapr is a deep Application and it does take some time to get comfortable with it’s workings
Feel free to post any questions, there are plenty of people here who have gone through very similar learning curves