Thoughts on pricing for hobbyists

I’m completely new to CAD and I’m approaching this from a hobbyist-angle because I purchased a 3D-Printer. I tried a few CAD programs on different platforms and find myself gravitating back to Shapr3D due to the very intuitive user experience.

I do somewhat dislike the SaaS subscription cost as hobbyist with no revenue stream from using the program, although I do understand that the company needs to make money. For now I’m only using the free version.

What would make me much more likely to purchase a subscription would be a hybrid-subscription model that unlocks certain features for lifetime-free use after a certain amount of subscription time has passed.
For example if one year of subscription would unlock high-quality STL export for lifetime non-commercial use and two years of subscription would unlock 3 additional saved models total for life, I would not feel like the money is completely wasted during times where I might not use the program at all for weeks/months at a time.
Thanks for your consideration and congratulations on a great program.


…had exactly same thoughts; using fusion360 before I was searching for something working on my ipad run into Shapr3D.

beeing a hobby user with an 3d printer and and my woodworking workshop some CAD tools would be helpful for now and then.

I really like Shapr3D with the ease of use with all the tutorials esp. for beginners.

but the free version is too limited and yearly subscription for more than 200 bucks is too much for my usage pattern. donˋt get me wrong - this product is great, but when using it only 5-6 times a year it is too expensive.

there is missing something in between the free and standard sub.

how about in-app purchases for certain features?

I would really like to use:

  • export as image or pdf with measurements for my woodworking workshop
  • save more then 2 drawings (mybe change the limit to only 2 can be modified within a month)
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Hi i’m also a hobby person with an artillery printer, this is a little better than Fusion 360 for the price, i know the fee is high but all 3 d cad software is pricey.
My cousin paid over £500 a year for his.
but will stick with this free version until i have designed a print and printed off.
Would be nice if they done a hobby price of £100 per year.

This won’t make many friends but I feel the price is extremely fair for the product we are getting. Then again I am on a free student license right now about to finish my degree but, I have every intention of purchasing this app when my license expires. If I can get an extension as a graduation present let me know haha. I love this app and the idea behind it.

I’ll put the hobbyist solution first before I write you an essay. Put it on your credit card. I imagine most people have decent enough credit and use it wisely enough to pay off investments into their hobby like this. What difference is there paying these guys monthly vs paying Apple, Visa, etc.

I’ll tell you the difference. It’s a boring answer but it’s real. These guys are literally creating a revolutionary product and need the assurance that they can continue operating on a year to year basis. Most people I imagine would sign up for this app for one month, use it, forget, cancel their payment, and move on with their life while the dudes doing all the leg work got just $25.

You can use this app to design whatever you want, 3D print it, sell it and make more than $25 dollars in a month. Also, people like us who care about 3D modeling have other intentions than just making cool things that have no other purpose in life. For example if you broke some weird ass part, open up Shapr3D and make a new one, I’m sure you’ll get your moneys worth since the personality type to even use this app already thinks like that I imagine. I know I do. All due respect, but if you can’t find a way to get $250 worth of convenience, quality of life, functional products, or test theories with this app, then you honestly don’t really need it given what you can do with it.

Mobile devices and internet speeds are getting insanely power and fast, that we no longer need to have some maxed out PC to model and test designs. There are companies like, SimScape, that let you do cloud based simulations on their servers. I’ve been bored and curious about how a certain pipe shape would move water around a bend and was able to model the pipe and run a simulation on it all from my IPad.

If you ever wonder why all these old ancient myths and legends have a bunch of dudes called wizards carrying around wands and tablets is because of this. We can literally do magic with an iPad and Apple Pencil and with the integration of AR and the possibilities that tech has, we are literally becoming wizards right now. Moral of the story, invest in cloud based simulations, lidar tech, mobile modeling and these guys. The people who design and built the world are slowly getting unchained from a desk. I support it.