Thoughts on the current subscription plans

I just want to share a few thoughts on this topic. I don’t know to what extent all paying users here are happy with the current subscription/price model. But for me personally, it’s all a bit too roughly defined. I can think of a few other possibilities that could also work, and that could certainly be very popular.

Starting from the basic (free) tier, I could imagine that individual functions (exports, imports, technical drawings, support, etc.) could be selectively purchased in addition to this model. Depending on what I need at the moment. Possibly also with a minimum period of validity (e.g. 3 months). Especially in the hobby area I don’t always need all functions. Depending on the project I am working on (woodworking, electronics, CNC milling, etc.), the range of functions I need varies. And it would be good if I could change at any time.

Furthermore, I can imagine a subscription model according to specialist areas. A woodworker certainly needs different functions than a mechanical engineer or someone who only designs for 3D printing. One could offer separate tiers for these interest groups. Possibly also combinable (e.g.: woodworking + 3D printing).

In my eyes, the current 3 possible variants are far too inflexible. I think there is still potential for optimisation. :smiley:

What do you think?

I was about to sit down and write nearly exactly what you posted, woodbytes. As a 3D modeler and CNC user, there is very little missing for me in the single-user monthly mode. But, I sure would like the ability to create technical drawings occasionally. I like your idea of a “sign-up for a feature for a period of time” model…I would probably only need the drawing ability for a week or two a few times a year. A reasonable fee for A) a period of time, B) a fixed number of drawings or C) drawings for a single Gallery model could all work for me.

I also like your idea of “specialist areas.”

Thanks for starting this topic. I’ll be interested to see what other users (and Shapr3D, of course) have to contribute.


I’m only here until January anyway, the reason is simple:
I am willing to pay a maximum of $ 280 per year for all functions, but not more.
I don’t need any prioritizing support either.
The standard version is not usable even for a hobby designer.
An annual subscription to Shapr3D ($ 499) costs more than an annual subscription to Fusion 360 ($ 396). And Shapr3D only has a fraction of all functions.


I’ve just signed up for a Standard account. I’m an Engineer by profession in the day but a youTuber and Maker (Horrible terms but true) at night. I would only be using Shapr3D as a hobby and to learn CAD, not professionally or as a money maker, and do find even the Standard price tag a tad high for my hobby needs. The free account lets you get familiar with the software but thats all. Without a paid account its usless. Its a shame there is not a Hobby/Maker level but with all the important bits! I appreciate there is a business to be run and without profits Shapr3D wouldn’t be what it is now. AutoDesk/Fusion360 are able to offer a maker level available (I have it) without having to be a Student or to having to part with a lot of money.
Maybe in the future Shapr3D could the same as AutoDesk?

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The problem is one set of features may be wanted by one person but a different set by another. If S3D made a pricing plan for all the permutations, it would be an accounting nightmare. If they limit it to a small subset of those permutations, then a lot of people are going to be unhappy.

Plus, look at the installed base vs. something like Fusion 360. If S3D had Fusion 360’s customer base, they could be more flexible in pricing. Development takes labor time and capital resources, none of which are free. The developers deserve to make a good living off their labors if they produce a useful product.

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