Thoughts on the current subscription plans

I dont’t want to come across wrong here by the way, i’m not trying to find a loophole to keep using your software to outside of the trial period, but it’s entirely possible in my mind that I could either make a mistake or otherwise export the wrong file format when backing up my data, and I do not feel it is right to force customers to pay up again just to export the models they already paid to make. I’m not using your tool any more, i just want access to the thing that I made when I was paying for the tool…

If there was some kind of backup system that would automatically ensure that if my subscription expires all the latest versions of the objects I made would be accessible without compromising the need to restrict the free version’s ability to export only low quality and 2 models. I understand that you need to give people a reason to upgrade, but this feels like a stick rather than a carrot, and it’s one that only affects someone who forgets to export their stuff properly. It feels like a trap rather than an incentive.

This is actually not a bad idea, we will consider it.

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That would genuinely tip me over the edge even at the current pricing and feature set. I just don’t like having to avoid traps like this so it would fix the only real problem I have with a subscription model like this.

Charging “a lot” of money (given that your development costs are probably very high a price like that is reasonable) or the lowest tier being “too high” in features are so much smaller than being locked out that i’m honestly not even too worried about those any more.

Thanks for responding, I hope there is a way this can be implemented in a way that fits your business needs as well as us users, Shapr3D with an apple pencil is the most fun i’ve had in CAD. Ever. My frustrations are only because I want so badly to be able to use this app for everything I do and it’s just missing the mark in that one way right now for me.

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