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In the past when using the translate feature I could have absolute full control to align parts. For instance I could select a part that needs to be moved, select the from point by selecting the edge of a circle for instance then select the to point and select the Edge of another circle so that the parts appear to mate.

Now it is impossible to select an edge for alignment. Is this by design now? If it is this makes exact alignment impossible.


It should be possible. Can you show an example?


Will have a video in just a few minutes. It’s uploading now.


Here is a video example. This worked in the past, it’s how I aligned all previous designed parts.


The idea is to select the edge of the circle up top and then the bottom and it would align the parts. For some reason it won’t do so. If I select a single point it will move it but not the edge like before. Moving by point doesn’t work right in this instance.


I should note these parts were imported in Shapr3D. I also created a new workspace created 3 identical squares with holes moved them manually into random spots then tried to use the translate feature the same way with newly created parts on a fresh workspace and I have the same issue.

I wanted to rule out the parts being the issue.


I have the same problem. But i solved it with self made reference points.
Made a cirkle with the offset tool on the suface from the edge of the hole, then on this surface made a tangent line, delete one of side.
At the tangent point draw a perpendiculal line, Also delete the outside part of the line, inthis cse i have diameter line with mid point.
When make the translate select the line and body(group) . At the next step can select the point as reference point. It should make on both of body:(
Its complicate a litlebit. Would be nice if we can select the midpoint of the curved edge, or after the offset the midpoint of the cirkle can be selectable.


This is a bug, it will be fixed ASAP, thanks. Translate should snap to the center of the circle.


Thank you. What translate working for edges in general for any shape? Will this also be fixed?


We are rebuilding out entire 3d snapping funcionality, and making it more advanced. It’s in progress.


This is excellent and a very welcome tool/feature.

I made heavy use of the translate tool in Shapr3D 2.x.x and it is how I aligned all my parts very precisely. Right now I have to use the transform feature but I can’t get the parts precise like when using translate.


For me not snap to the circle, but to the lines point yes…

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I just downloaded version 3.5.5, this doesn’t appear to resolved in this release. Is this correct, and it will be fixed in a future release?


Hi - correct. Releases and sprints are not always aligned. When it’s out, we will post it here and will include the bug in the release notes


@Istvan_Shapr3D @Daniel_Shapr3D Hi, I just downloaded 3.5.6 and I see there is an improvement on the translate feature to the point I can get it to work with some effort. Thank you for the working on this and including it in this release. But it is not working as it used to.

In previous versions when you use translate you could pick the part you wish to move, pick a source location such as a circle (outer edge), center of circle or even a line and then pick a destination and it would move appropriately with ease.

Now it seems you have to pick a line (holding the Apple Pencil down with some pressure) to pick the first point, then you can slide the second point to the new spot and do the same, then choose done and it will move. This is requires far more effort than in previous versions where I could simply pick a point and it would choose it, then pick a second point and then choose done.

This is an improvement over what was in 3.5.5 (which didn’t work at all for me), but a step or two backwards from past working versions. Is there anyway to make it like it was in the past? Right now for me this feature is just not useable.

If you watch the video, here is one attempt of several. The part doesn’t move or the selection is just real difficult.


Hi Dennis,

yes - I think the last time you have used it, the Translate tool was a bit different. Now you have to select the shape you want to move than put down the two points together. After you have done that you have the ability to move them freely.

In your video, the problem is that you switched the two points up - not your fault - they do look alike. We will try to make them distinguishable.


Thanks for the reply. Yes it was very different for sure (and frankly a HUGE IMPROVEMENT over this version), however I tried many times before and after this video and I rarely can get it to work. It is not in a use-able state for me, or I just don’t understand it (which is very possible).

In its current state (or in my understanding) it is not use-able and i have to use the move feature and just eyeball it.


I just gave it another try after your message here. It takes me multiple tries to get the circular parts in my video to line up. Literally 5-6 tries or more to move one part. I am sure with time and practice I will get it to work more reliably, however the previous version I used just worked each and every time. There was no struggle to get it to work.

I am not sure if others are having this issue or if it is just me. But it seems that the effort to align parts has more than doubled.

I appreciate the fix and all the work that goes into bringing these features. I also think there is a point that some features are left alone when they work reliably. In its prior way of working it just worked, I am not sure what prompted the change as I didn’t see a need for a change with that particular tool, it is/was my most used tool/feature and it just worked. Now, at least at this time it is my least used tool (but my most needed). I assume others use this tool (or did) often.


Will be improved with the next release, sorry about that.


OK now I see what’s the problem. Drag the controls instead of picking geometry, then it will work like you expect it. It would make sense to make it work for picked objects as well.