Translate is moving in the opposite direction

I’m trying to align two bodies (i.e. Main Part and Washer) using Translate. Both bodies have a through hole of the same size that need to be concentric. I’m finding that the sequence of selecting the center points of the holes changes the direction the body moves. The Main Part is stationary and I’m trying to move the Washer to align the holes. I select and highlight the body of the Washer.

Then I select the center point of the hole on the Main Part first. Followed by the center point of the Washer. This causes the Washer to move farther away from the Main Part.

If I select the center point of the Washer and then the Main Part. The Washer moves to the correct position and the holes are aligned.

This can be frustrating because I’m not always able to grab the center point on the first click. It tends to select a point on the diameter instead. Before completing the translation, I move it to the center point. Which can change the order of the selected points to align and causes the Washer to move farther away. It appears that the selection order is changing the vector of the translation.

Can you update Shapr3D so it doesn’t matter the sequence of alignment points? Thanks!

Hi @Damfino, good points, thanks. If the sequence of the alignment points would not matter, than what would define the direction of the translation?

The behavior I’d like to see is:

  1. Select Translate
  2. Select body to move
  3. Select two points to align

The vector would be established by going from the point on the highlighted body to the other point regardless of which order they were selected.

Got it. The problem is that translate works (and has a lot of use-cases) when the start/end points are not on the body. But we are working on the 3D alignment tool, that I believe will solve your issue.

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