Unable to export any kind of file

I’ve encoutered what I believe being a giant bug today where, no matter what design or file format I choose to export, when I click the share button, all I can see is a single file, with no other options. If I click on the file nothing happens and the app just freeze, while if I close the tab the app becomes extremely slow and unresponsive. It never happened before, but now it happens with every design I made (with designs that I already exported before without any problem, too), making the app virtually useless, since I can’t even save in shapr file format. I would like not to have to reinstall the app since this would cost me an entire work of day (plus all the project I made before), if possible, so I’m leaving it as a last resort option.

Hi @GimmyTheBear Wellcome to the forum :sunglasses:
Your ScreenShot seems to be displaying 4 Designs, if these are contained in a single .shapr File S3D is properly displaying the Export.

To enable a better understanding of the problem please can you clarify the situation regarding your previously successful Exports:
Did they contain multiple Designs?
Were they comparable in File Size(s)?
What was the intended Export Destination, e.g., Files [for later use] or in a Format suitable for Printing/Use in other Software/whatever?

Slowing down and becoming unresponsive can occur with very large Files.

Given the current situation I suggest that ‘Props’, viewed in the Design Thumbnail Screen, could be Duplicated [shown toward top right of that screen].
Choose the Design Model that you wish to separate from the others and then Delete everything else.
Attempt to Export, Naming as appropriate.
If this is successful Duplicate ‘Props’ again and repeat the process selecting a different Design to separate. Continue with the other Designs as required.
It is assumed that you will NOT Delete ‘Props’ until you are completely satisfied that you work is safe.

A couple of things worth considering:
1.Ensure you are running the latest S3D Version 3.36.1 @ 11 March 2020
2.Exit S3D properly in accordance with Apple Directions before opening it again, alternatively Power Down the iPad.

As a regular User I am not personally aware of any Export Problems, incidents do arise within these pages but they are usually regarding procedure and User misunderstanding(s).

Happy S3Ding :sunglasses:

Hi @Gelphyn, thanks for your reply. The designs shown in the screenshot are simply the design I modelled directly in Shapr, I did not import them from another file. I updated the app now and the problem persists. Also, they are 5 separate meshes, but is nothing different than having 5 or more separate layers in the same design.
My problem is that the file displayed in the screenshot I made cannot be saved or anything. Usually when I exported something the usual “share panel” would pop-up
From which I would then save the file to use in other softwares. This doesn’t happen anymore: all I can see is a file that doesn’t do anything.
Also, the app slows down ONLY after I try to export or click on that file that appears in the pop-up; otherwise it runs smoothly as always.
All the previous files (that I cannot post because of NDA) I exported were equal to this one in both size and layers number, and I didn’t have any problem. Now this happens with everything, even a new simple cube.
@Istvan_CEO_Shapr3D sorry to bother you but do guys have a solution to this or am I missing something?


this is an iOS issue, that was fixed last November. Unfortunately this issue is not something we can fix on our end. Which iOS version are you using?

Also, as a quick remedy, you can use the drag’n’drop feature: https://share.getcloudapp.com/KouW7B8z

Hi @Daniel_Shapr3D thank you for the quick response :slight_smile:
Yes I have missed a couple iOS update but I thought it wasn’t iOS because no other app have this problem.
I will update it and see if it works, thank you!