Unable to select control points on splines

I don’t seem to be able to select the control points on a spline as it just starts another spline from the point. I have watched the video and as far as I can tell I am doing the same, but so far I have never managed to grab the handle. Is this user error and if so what am I doing wrong.

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It is possible that you are putting too much pressure on the Control Point when Selecting?
It is assumed that you can produce Splines of either variety, Control upper and Fixed Lower:

Tap lightly on the Control Point, in either Spline type, to display the Arrows and Point shown.

The contact points are:

The Horizontal and Vertical Arrows - Moves in the appropriate direction horizontally or vertically

The Centre Point - Moves anywhere it is dragged

Both Rectangular Control on the ends of the Red Line - Moves anywhere they are dragged

Press lightly on any of the above contact points, maintaining contact with the surface of the iPad, and move in the appropriate/desired direction.

It may be useful to adjust the Pencil Pressure for Control Placing within Settings, Gearwheel at bottom Right of Screen.

If this does not help just shout.

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Ok I have solved the problem. What the video did not say or show is that you must first just tap on the control point. Attempting to just select the spline point to bring up the handles and then grab the control point and move it fails and just starts another spline. Perhaps this could be made more clear in the video?

HI @chrismower, can you link the video you watched? We will correct it! Thanks for the feedback.


Thanks for the reply. It’s the little video that pops up when you select the spline tool and click on the top button. I have attached a screen shot.


It’s the little video that appears when you select the spline tool

Thanks! We will review it.

I have just reviewed the video and it would appear that I just missed the tap first, so it is absolutely fine as it is. My bad :grimacing:

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