Upcoming release & pricing changes

Hey Shaper peeps!

As you might know we are going to release a brand new version of Shapr in a few days - we are doing finishing touches, and we will send it to the App Store review team tomorrow. This new version will be based on a ground breaking technology (more about that soon!) that we are licensing from a 3rd party. This means that our costs/user have been vastly increased - Apple takes 30%, and this 3rd party takes a portion of our revenue too - and in order to build a sustainable business, we will have to increase the price of our yearly subscription to $150/yr. In exchange for this +$50/year you will get an incredibly robust and powerful technology, that would cost you at least 20x more (literally!) in any other CAD system. So we did make a good deal - but this price increase is unavoidable. However, for existing customers the $100/yr price will not be changed. So here is hint: if you subscribe in the next few days for the yearly subscription, you will still get it for $100/yr forever. Monthly subscription prices will stay the same.



timing :+1: my subscription runs out in a few minutes and will be renewed soon.
This year has really gone fast :grinning:


Ok, time to buy it eventually -)


Which day will the newest version be released?

Just been trying out the V3 release - really fantastic! I went through the initial tutorial which I think is really clear (and not too long!). I like the way it handles the objects - extruding works really smoothly and I really like being able to select a whole object and apply a bevel or fillet to all of the edges. I made some further changes to the object after filleting all of the edges and then just wanted to fillet the new edges - and it did it! - just had to select the whole object again and fillet one of the new edges and it did just what I wanted. Great work guys! Will go on trying it out and will let you have any other feedback. Best wishes. Andy


The new version will be released next week.


Please note, that the pricing changes has already happened. WHich means two things:

  1. The price now is 150$
  2. There is a two week trial period

Did you update your existing app or made a clean install? Were you forced to go through the onboarding tasks or watched the update video? How your workspaces act? All is fine?

I went straight to the TestFlight app and installed V3 and launched that - so I did not uninstall the previous version of Shapr. This seemed to work just fine. It took me through the basic new user introduction showing me how to draw shapes, extrude etc.

Everything seems to be working well in the workspaces - havn’t spotted any problems so far.

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Ohhh, I can’t subscribe it for 100usd because I downloaded and tested the beta via testflight. I have only the 150 usd option anymore… :confused:

I wish I had know before, I’m a test flight auditioner of shapr4d. I had a tough time switching over my work flow to that of shapr, having some parts not working made it more confusing.

I was ready to take out a subscription as it seemed I’m getting with the workflow but now the price has gone up :frowning:
Is there anything you can do for a beta tester?



I was trying to buy a subscription at $150

But I’m being asked for $399 (cad)

Has the price doubled in the last month or so?

I don’t see any other announcements for price increases. I would have bought a pro subscription asap had I known it was jumping again.

How does one know when their subscription will expire? I know that this is handled via the App Store but if one knows, a check can be made on correct credit card status, etc.

FYI, here is how another of my subscription apps handles it…