User Account Cannot be found after iTunes Restore


So I now have a new issue. After restoring from iTunes I receive a new error. I receive an error that state this user account could not be found. Now I know this isn’t true as I can log in from a web browser.

Any thoughts on why this might be happening?


So I figured out this issue but think it is something you have to resolve on your end. About 1 month ago I changed my email address. I can log into the Web App with the new email address. But the iPad App cannot use the new email address and only the old email address. The problem lies with the fact that the old email address no longer exists so nothing would be received at it and any messages would bounce.

How can I have the iPad App email updated to use the same email as the Web App?

UPDATE: By Web App I mean the Forums. I didn’t realize the iPad App and the Forum Account were not connected. The issue I am looking to solve is the account linked to my Pro Subscription.