Variable curvature detail on .obj output

Ok I have another request, is it possible to set the curvature detail on the mesh output? I am trying to pipeline stuff into unreal. Currently, the curvature seems to be set at a default of 20 or so increments, it would be great to have a control so I could dial it down to a lower setting of my choice. I am currently rarefying the mesh in max, but it’s messy, the optimiser is a very blunt instrument, and I often struggle to clean up the smoothing groups. It would be great if I could choose the level of detail before or during the the polygonal mesh export. In the example image I’m including, you can see the massive overkill in mesh detail, that one little bend has way more increments than it needs.

Again, I apologise if there is in fact a setting for this, I’ve only been using the software for a week

and again, I have to say I really love the ap

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