Welcome to Shapr3D Beta!

Welcome to our public beta community :rocket:

Give our app’s beta versions on iPad and Mac a try and share your feedback in this category! Usually, we release a new beta a week before official releases.

Note: All beta releases go through the same quality assurance processes as our live releases.

If you’re interested in beta testing, join the beta group by following this link: Join the Shapr 3D CAD modeling beta - TestFlight - Apple. And if you have any questions about the new releases, feel free to use create a post in this cateogry. For more details about the beta, check out our guide.

Download the beta

The public beta version of the Shapr3D app is distributed through TestFlight, Apple’s official beta testing app. Please note that you can only initiate the process from your iPad. Once you join the beta group, you’ll be able to access the beta through both iPadOS and macOS versions of the TestFlight app.

When you install the public beta, it’ll be installed over the official app. So, once the app is fully downloaded, you shouldn’t notice any change going forward.

In TestFlight, make sure you turn on Automatic Updates so the latest beta is automatically downloaded as soon as it’s available.


Your subscription will not be affected by downloading the beta. So, if you’ve been using the free version of Shapr3D, Shapr3D Basic, you’ll still be in that free plan. If you’ve been using Shapr3D Standard or Business, your account will still be subscribed to those plans.