What is causing this bizarre spline behavior?

This fit spline point is exhibiting strange behavior. This is not the first time I’ve seen this. Can anyone explain this? It looks like a bug to me.

Hi Jason, please can you also share a short screen recording to help us better understand the issue?

Here is an example. Notice the unexpected hump to the left of the point being manipulated. what is causing that?

For reference, here is how that same exact curve behaves in a typical vector graphics program. This is what you would expect from spline points. Note the smooth curve. No unexpected deflection.

Hi Jason, thanks for sending the comparison videos.

I consulted my colleagues in the product team and I learned that It’s a different spline type from the spline used in the app. This is expected behavior for the spline we are using.

A workaround can be to use the Control spline type.

Victor, if this is the intended behavior, then you will have to explain how the fit spline tool works. Why does the tool create the shape that I demonstrated? What is causing the hump between the two middle points?