Why not consider a price plan for hobbyists?

I find your software interesting but not usable, for the cost, by those who, like me, are looking for a 3D modeler for their home 3D printer. Why don’t you find suitable solutions even for those with limited needs like me? A lower cost associated with a limited number of projects active simultaneously at the month and the possibility of exporting only in STL… for example, or other solutions and limitations but with a fair price for hobbyists. I keep having to use Sketchup on PC… while you could become a reference for all ios users…

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Because we don’t see a way to prevent cannibalizing the pro subscription, but we are open to suggestions.

1- A maximum of 5 active projects; once the maximum has been reached, at least 1 project must be canceled to create another (this would be a huge limit for those who work in the professional field as they cannot archive their projects).
2- Export only in STL format, indispensable format for 3D printing but very limiting for those who have to work externally on the project with other desktop software.
3- introduce a maximum number of useless parts in a project. Normally those who make their own 3D printing object do not need to assemble so many parts.
4- Another more restrictive possibility would be to create an app for hobbyists only where there is no parametric part: once the extrusion is performed and a solid is obtained, the curve from which it is generated is lost.


And what would be an acceptable price point for that?

If you are really interested in creating a limited version for the 3D printing home users (and this would allow you to be practically the first on iOS, allowing you to greatly increase your notoriety and to spread your basic upgradable software to the pro version), I recommend to work on it very seriously and to hear many other users. For me, the price would depend on what limitations you would like to apply. The most significant for us obists would be the maximum number of parts that can be drawn and the elimination of the parametric part. For professionals, software with all the limitations indicated would be practically unusable, so there would be no risk of damaging sales of the pro version. A version so strongly reduced I think it should cost between 25 and 35 per year. Leaving the parametric part, it could go up to 50 per year. However, you must manage this operation as if it were advertising for you, to increase your fame everywhere, not only in a strictly professional environment. 3D printing is destined to spread everywhere … and you would do well to create a project for IOS users (and maybe even Android in the future) able to keep up with them for simplicity of use and functionality. Basically you already have an excellent tool to grow in this direction and in a professional context. Finally, don’t forget that the IOS user base is made up of non-professional users in the CAD sector.

Thanks for your feedback.

If they want , you can give them a limitied version that can only export .stl, and and have only one solid in a design, for 1 dollar per month, and also give it a new name.

I had a pro subscription back when they were $99 a year. It was a great app, easy to use, and I was able to print some nice models. Even then the price was high, but certainly more reasonable than $240 a year.

Unfortunately due to the cost, I have had to switch over to UMake and have been using it for the last year or so. I don’t like it as much as Shapr3d but economically that’s what I have to use.

I would certainly be willing to pay for for a hobbyist license that allowed 10 projects, high quality STL/OBJ imports and exports, and color for $50 per year.

Another option would be allowing unlimited projects in the free version and paying $10 to unlock the individual project for full functionality/export - this would give hobbyists the ability to tinker, since by its kind of a part time thing.

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I have the same concern as @Pieroim. I love using Shapr3D for my hobby projects and teaching my son modelling. 240 is pretty high price for me as I am using just part of the app and not for business. But if we stick with app thanks to lower subscription price (100 is max. for me), I believe we can learn, improve, and share with friends, spread the word and maybe later use it even professionally in some way (with more features and higher price). But please, do not remove parametric part from the potential hobbyist subscription, it does not make sense at least for me; I usually change the shape a lot later after printing first prototype and use parameters to precise the model even it is just some toy or home accessory.

I would like to have the colour option at least in the free version.
Another idea that I have seen is to divide the total cost you charge for a yearly fee, by the amount of blocked functions, and charge for each function separately. This would make it in such a way that Shapr still makes their profit, and hobbyists can decide which function they need and are willing to pay for. So in true fact you do not really loose much and you would gain more subscribers, much faster.

Not a bad idea. As Shapr really is over priced for the features and capability. In the mean time I’m testing it this year on pretty much everything I have to do.

No, it’s not.

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I find that Shapr offers great value for the money. YMMV and your thinking may motivate you to develop something better and less expensive. Please let us know if/when you do. Thanks



Made an account for this thread. 25 a month is too high for the light hobby work I do. Making brackets and such. Occasionally editing thingiverse files. I’d really love to work with the pen but I’ll stick with fusion 360 for now.

Isn’t fusion 360 like $65 per month though?

Full product is free for hobbyists. If you start making more than $1000 a year in some way from your designs then you need the commercial license.

Feels like a bargain to me too. Especially when i asked a question and someone on staff made a custom video for me. Software that is easy to use is hard to make. Full stop. It’s a limited market anyway, but the bet is that it’s of high value for the folks who are willing to pay. Cheaper than school, anyway.

I agree, I have been using shapr and would love to use it for my causal 3d work, and learn this application further. I am a hobbyist and the price of $250 per year is more than i pay for any other software and substantially more than the price of a 3d printer ( I even pay less for the adobe CC suite ), and shapr is one application, running on one platform.
If you want the hobbyist market to embrace or to give an oipertunity for small business that can grow, causual users must be somewhere in the pricing mix.
I am shelving shapr3D for now, as I cant justify the price and dont want to waste my time playing and learning a product I can never use.

PS: the STL export in free model is useless, this is the primary reason I am wasting my time. The ability to export real STL would be a great first start for hobbyists use.

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Fusion 360, is free for hobbyists.

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I started another thread, not having searched too hard for one but I agree that this is not something I can afford for a hobbyist. I did not get a reply and will take your lead and leave. Pity as I like the app but as you say there are other options…

Cheers, James out!

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