I’ve been thinking about the possibility to move spline points freely in the X, Y and Z axis. That way one could create shapes such as electrical wires easier.

Perhaps have two versions, one that is constrained to an axis or plane as it is now and another one that is able to move more freely in 3D space.


I’ve also had this thought.

I had to increase the length of a component I’d imported (one which I wasn’t prepared to create again. I split the relevant area, moved out one end to the desired length and had to fill in the missing area.

It fast became evident that there was no easy way to make the items align correctly using spline.

To be able to select a start and end point, then stretch and manipulate from there would be ideal.

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Could bring the models into Maya or Blender and make wires and cables there, but it would be nice to be able to do it inside Shapr3D as well.

@Hraf join me and others in the next online workshop (it’s on the 19th, so hurry)!
It’s open-topic, very friendly and led by world class instructor Claas Kuhnen. Ask him anything, he can help you.

I would love to, I’m going to have a quick look at the calender :smiley:

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Next up is on 19th. It’s open-topic (nothing is forced and you don’t have to abide), no more than 20 people on average, and it’s literally learning by the sentence!
You just have to engage. Being there as a tourist? No way. Model along or not, either way you’ll get a file with the workshop content, as well as the whole video recording of the workshop.
Cool, eh?

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I’ll be there, great way to learn! :smiley:

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@Hraf looking forward to seeing you tomorrow!

Sad to have missed this, I’ve been ill.

Was this subject approached at all @Loki?

@Bates I wish I could tell you, but I was also ill …
You may ask @Laci_K or @Istvan but from what I’ve heard, it was another topic that got covered.
I hope we’ll be fine for the 5th next month!
Wait … Joszef sent me the link after the start of the workshop, just checking my mailbox here. There was certainly something off regardless of being ill. Dang, it’s really unfortunate.

Hey … are you also interested in learning more about every fillet and chamfer option that is, how and when to use it, etc. ? I’m coming from video game level/landscape design and options are so numerous I wonder how I can use them with non-asset-based modeling.

I mean, there’s rolling ball, setback, G1, G2, (I often use up to G4 or 5, but at some point, it’s impossible to tell G3 from G5 without a monster of a GPU and the screen resolution that goes with) but most people just go with defaults… and all those options weren’t added for nothing. If it’s fine for them, nice, but visualisation works better with extremely small details like different fillets erasing sharp edges, and especially .001 -precision level ones …

Sorry for the digression, I was thinking about next workshop’s possible topics.

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Hope you’ve both gotten better, the workshop got postponed is seems, I thought I had gotten the timezones wrong hehe. Looking forward to next month!

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