Wrap / emboss

Very often I use such tools in CAD in construction and design.
I’m not talking about simple text on a cylinder, it’s about serious sophisticated design on freeforms etc:

Pretty much every serious CAD has such tools.
I think that’s a big step up for Shapr3D.

Greetings Macher

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Did you include the price of Solidworks standard license?

As I said, most CAD programs offer such tools.
ViaCAD is a one-time fee of $599.
Fusion 360 in the hobby area costs nothing.
Just to name a few.
I could continue the list, but that doesn’t make sense.

Thanks for sharing! We indeed don’t have these features yet, but we think that the mobile first multi-platform nature of our product is already a fantastic workflow enabler for our users. We are rapidly adding new functionality with our bi-weekly updates, so if you are waiting for a new feature, stay tuned and you’ll be surprised how quickly we are improving Shapr3D.


Yes of course, thanks for the answer.
I’ll stay tuned, I’m sure Shapr3D will support this at some point.
As well as aligning component groups.
These are things I keep missing when using this otherwise excellent CAD.

Greeting Macher