Your Array Tool needs

Dear Shapr3D users,

I would like to hear about your experiences with Array / Pattern creation in 3D softwares. Would be helpful if you could answer few questions, and describe your array tool use cases for possible future developments :slightly_smiling_face:

  • What do you use arrays for most frequently?

  • How do you like to define the directions of the arrays (selecting edges/objects/world axis/ or drawing the directions, etc…)?

  • Do you prefer creating the arrays relative to the position of the clonable object or in an other location?

  • Which are the most useful patterns for you? (linear, circular, pattern on path, on surface, something else)

  • In which other 3D software you find array tool the easiest and most practical to use, and why?
    +Is there anything you think could be improved in it?

Thanks! :slight_smile:


Here are the answers:

1- to produce a similar sketch or object for a limited number but more than one. For example, we might have ten obstacles of the absolutely same shape constantly spaced between each, in an electric circuit for cooling purposes(Linear pattern), or we might want to produce blades for a propeller or a fan, or 48 cross sections of wires in a defined path (circular pattern). There are many and more very frequently used ones for pattern tool.

2- I think it’s just enough to duplicate edges, sketches and objects in a linear or circular path

3- I think relative to the source object, sketch or edge is fine since the path will be defined

4- linear and circular are just enough, others started are subgroups of these I suppose.

5- CATIA is nice on this.

6- As a suggestion, I think to avoid noisiness, it’s enough to include a button in the “COPY” or “translate” pannel, named “Automatic” and once it’s selected three other buttons named “numbers” (of duplication), “linear” and “circular” will appear, and the next step would be selecting the appropriate path.

Good luck

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  1. I mostly use copy/array function to copy architectual objects that should be editable by modifying one of the objects. Therefore linear copy and copy along selected edge/path would be essential.

  2. I see that the best way to utilize Copy function would be to use it with transform/move tool. Move object into certain direction, type the distance and number of copies.

  3. Relative to clonable object

  4. Linear and path

  5. Sketchup copy multiple has been the best tool I have seen. Especially the ability to multiply or divide the copy with few clicks is a real time saver.

My 3D modeling experince is mostly with Sketchup and Blender as you can probably see from the comments


This is the exact description of the functions I am hoping for in the future. As a sketch up Pro user these are the things I miss the most when designing on the iPad.
Having said that I have no need or intention of going back.
The future is Shapr3D


Nice visual illustration

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I’m new here and looking for what this does. Was this ever implemented?

Hi, it isn’t yet. Will come in future but no ETA yet.

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Any updates on this one?

I love shapr3d more an more, but array tool is one of the things I miss.

Other tools I miss:

  • sketch fillet
  • selection tool (drag from left to right to select anything that is fully inside the selection box. Drag from right to left to select anything that touches the selection box)
  • keyboard shortcuts or command line(sometimes you just want to hit C to quickly draw a circle from senter, A to pull out the array tool, O to pull out the offcet tool, SU for subtract or M to pull out the move tool)
  • the cut tool should have the option to cut by drawing a line over the lines that need to be cut. This speeds up the cutting prossess and was essential in Autocad.
  • Offsett by set distance. Sometimes you need to do multiple offsets with a fixed distance. In other words the offset tool should have «single» «loop» and «fixed»
  • Substract to face. Mirrored substraction or extrution.

One situation where Array tool (circular array) is crucial is when making gears. The way shapr3d works today ,making gears is really painfull. Specially if the amount of teeth makes a degree between them that has rounded up decimals. Try making a gear in shaper3d with 55 teeth :wink:

The Array tool could be a seperat tool and or a button in the moove tool. Just like the copy button and extrution mode button when extruding

360 / 55 = 6.545

Check out the Antikythera mechanism if you get a chance … Remarkable the gears Archimedes crafted over 2,000 years ago?

I Didn´t say its impossible :slight_smile: I made one myself. But 360:55 is actually 6.5454545454545454545454…
But circle array would have made it alot easier :slight_smile:

@mk1978 + @Paulr
I am also supporting any effort to provide an Array Tool that will function with any valid Sketch Path including Splines.
However perhaps it would be a good idea for the Development Team to organise a Poll to determine the current priority of all Pro Users?
Certainly nobody would want to stiffle progress while all effort is put into a new Feature or Tool that presents major changes, but it would be great to be informed how things are unfolding.
The latter by a simplistic display of:

  1. Subject
  2. Degree of difficulty
  3. Position on the Task List

The ‘need’ for New Development can only be estimated, but ‘numbers’ should give the best guide for use of resources?

Hi all, thanks for the ideas we will think about them! Unfortunately there have been other priorities this year as you could see in the updates. Once we can get back to the development of the array tool I will update you here :wink:

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