2D drawings - Flatten a cone

Hi Shapr3D team,

will it be possible to flatten a cone in the 2D-Drawing feature?
i.e. to create a pattern for a cone on CNC table (sheet metal)?


Yes! 4.0 - 2D dimensioned drawings + new pricing

awesome. Looking forward to it.

It’s here already, you can try it in the app :slight_smile: just update to the latest version.

must have overlooked it, I’ll try it. :grinning:

hey, I can’t seem to find what I was talking about. Do you have some documentation?

This is what I mean:

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Oh, you mean sheet metal. No, we don’t have yet a sheet metal feature.

would be nice to have. I would think it would be sufficient to find the feature in the 2D drawings. lay out a 3D object flat. Sheet metal, plastic sheet, plywood anything that you can cut on a table really.

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Agreed! Also useful for projects like cosplay designs, or other foam projects

This would be VERY useful for 2 stroke exhaust design.

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