5.50 - Tweaks for a smoother modeling experience

Hi everyone :rocket:

5.50 is now in the books, and with that, a number of bug fixes and improvements are out in the latest beta. Without getting too much into details, here’s what’s new:

  • Fixed: We’ve eradicated a handful of pesky sketching bugs. If you’re a speedy modeler, you’ll especially love the improvement affecting selection – now you barely have to lift a finger while selecting the dimension arrow to adjust your models.

Well, that’s about it – to find all the improvements, you’ll have to get down to sketching right away :muscle:

Happy modeling!


You are going to be at Shapr 24.5 before you know it.
1.00.00 major revisions/ overhauls
1.10 minor revisions/ changed tools
1.00.10 minor tweaks/ bug fixes


Still no folder for organizing designs? It’s getting harder and harder to scroll through the (flat) list of designs. And btw., as a Developer myself I have a hard time to understand why this feature - already at the beginning of Shapr3D promised - takes so long to implement.

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