Adding a sun path tool in Shapr3D.

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Adding of a sun path tool in shapr will help solve the problem of allowing the user to figure out how the sun will affect the structure in different times and throughout the seasons.

Something I want this feature to do is allow the user to figure out the lighting of the sun would affect the building with the shading that the building will output at different angles when the sun is shining on it. This could be much more beneficial when the user will be making something such as a site analysis or placement of where windows or opening will go. This definitely will help students in architecture or even engineering if they are starting off and don’t have access to other types of programs that require a laptop with a high end GPU.

Normally I can do without this feature once I will start learning revit because that program allows for more sophisticated design and features that give it a realistic graphical view. This feature would be great because rather then using a laptop I can just take an Ipad out on the go and get started with designing my projects for class.


Yes please, this would be very helpful. I am quite often designing an outdoor structure and would like to investigate self-shadowing (for example for solar panels).

An MVP of this for me would be in Environment > Visualisation > Properties. A “Use Local Sun” or similar checkbox that lets you choose…

  1. Model orientation to North.
  2. Geographic location (or use device location or What 3 Words).
    3 Date and time. There should be sliders for date and time too.

This would be quicker and simpler than an actual 3D path, and will give a quick preview of local shadows.