Auto Updates of /Shapr

I just opened Shapr this a.m. It did an update. Is there a place to go to that lists the updates and what they involved?

If on an iPad, go to the App Store, and select Shapr3D. It will list the features. Alternatively, open Shapr3D and look at the upper left corner. You should see a red indicator. Tap on the indicator on the “?” Icon, and will take you to a list of features. Or tap on the question mark “?” icon anytime.

Did you try looking at the App Store? They list updates there.

I opened Shapr on my Windows PC** which shows the version in Settings > About, but what I was interested in was finding out what the update entailed while using the PC version. I should have been clearer.

I thought there would be a link or notice in the UI somewhere.


When we add important new features, we always include a card about that on the “Discovery” screen, linking to a document that tells you more. Also, new actions are usually highlighted by a “new” badge. And we also always post information about our releases in the Announcement section of the forum:

But you are right, it might be a good idea to also link to it from within the app – thanks for the tip, we’ll consider it!