Bug in 2D Drawings Section Dimensioning

Applying dimensions to sections in 2D Drawing

Cannot create an angle dimension to an internal conical feature.

Hey BillB!
Could you please share you workspace?
My best guess without seeing your drawing is that the selected lines are just seemingly linear, but actually splines and that’s why you cannot add angle dimensions. It’s not the case if you can add line length dimensions to both of the selected lines, but I would be happy to check your drawing.

How do I do that?

Perhaps I attach the model and reply?

I have forwarded the step file to the community. I hope that has enough information. I have messed around with the cone in the middle a fair bit so it could have a corruption of some sort.

What tools do I have to detect such a problem, and then fix it.

While you are looking at this can you please have a look at the export PDF tool in export. It is failing to attach the file being exported.

You can share by picking Upload after Reply. Please share your file in .shapr format, so we can check the “faulty” drawing in it.

If I understand correctly, you would like to export a pdf from your drawing and the pdf is not exported? Do you get an export failed error message during the process?
Which app version do you use on which platform (iOS, macOS, Windows)?