Change to tablet after keyboard setup

Good evening.

Is it possible to change the setup from Keyboard and mouse to stylus after Shapr has been installed?


Of course, there is nothing stopping you from doing so :slight_smile:

Also: there’s nothing to change in settings or elsewhere, your choice during onboarding only affects which tutorial we show you first. It’s perfectly possible to switch between touch & pen and and keyboard & mouse usage without a hitch – I do that every day.

Ok so Shapr will automaticall know that i have connected a pen?

Surprised Shapr detect universal control! Good thing! But I won’t use the mouse on Shapr (iPad) and cannot cancel this pop-up, have to quit the app :frowning:

I might accidentally moved the mouse connected to the mac. But I was using the pencil a micro-sec. before the pop-up.

It’s pretty safe to just change either of these options in that case – it’s just there because we apply slightly different settings depending on whether you’re using a trackpad and a mouse. Enabling either mode does not turn touch & pen operation off.

Ah ok thanks