Creating a 90 Degree tubular channel

Hello all,

I’m new to 3d modelling after acquiring a 3d printer and I’ve watched a few tutorials, but I’m having an incredibly hard time trying to figure out how to achieve a certain shape/result.

Essentially I am trying to create a 90 degree open channel for some RGB strips to wrap around the back of a monitor.

So essentially what I can create is a 90 degree arch extrude it to the write sizes, but if I project a shape onto it, it cuts out directly down. I’m wanting the cut out inside where the light strip will sit to be curved also. Is there anyone who can help me get started?

Hi @ChrisWilmshurst ,
And welcome to the Shapr community!

A sketch, even a photo of a rough sketch will help here. I think you are looking for the Sweep tool (there is a tutorial on it for detailed usage).

I think you might be after something like this:

I used a rectangle channel swept along the line. Not sure where the 90 arch comes in?

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