Cross-section views

hi ive just subscribed for the year today - app looks really powerful so far - forgive me if this thread already exists - some searches yielded nothing. So the question is - do you offer:

  1. any cross-section views
  2. can the cross-section be worked in that view
  3. is there a video loop of a cross-section reveal?
    many thanks


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Hey, thanks for joining to Pro community :slight_smile:

Currently we don’t have cross section views, but that’s something you can expect in the next few months.

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Hi there - any news on the cross sectioning facility mentioned above?

Not yet, but it is on the roadmap.

great. any time frames on that?

Hopefully later this year.

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The work around I use to make slices is to create a rectangular sketch, set a minimum thickness, maneuver to the location of the desired cross section then use the intersection tool. This is how the stations for my boat hull drawings are revealed.


Any News about the section view ?

We’ve released it a few months ago :slight_smile:

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This is a flow I usually use too.

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