Do you have a blog (personal or company)?


We are looking for Shapr3D users who have a personal or company blog.

We would love if you could:

  • write about your Shapr3D experience
  • share your creations on your personal blog
  • share your models on your company blog

In exchange for the post, we could:

  • share your post on the Shapr3D’s social channels (~30K followers)
  • share it with our email subscribers
  • feature your story on our website in the upcoming Case Studies and Success Stories section

If you have a website or a blog, and you are interested in helping us, send a mail to gabor [at] or just leave a comment here.


Hi, I have a blog that I have been placing my Shapr3D creations on. Each post that contains a creation that was completed with Shapr3D has been clearly stated as such. I have also been linking the mention directly to Shapr3D. One of the creations was used in a video which is also posted on the blog.

In the near future I will also write about my Shapr3D experience, I am just trying to get a bit more familiar with the app before doing so.

The blog averages about 150 hits a day now, has just over 10200 hits since it was created in October of 2016. There is no advertising on the blog other than things I mention in the posts and I do not have it advertised anywhere as it was more or less a place for me to document my progress with the projects I have been doing. But lately I am sharing my creations with links to the files where applicable.

The Website is: Robotics Hobbyist. Feel free to share it as you see fit.