Edu Emile

Our school did not provide us with e-mail. How can I apply for shapr3d pro?thank you

Hello Emily, welcome to the Shapr3d community Forum.
In order to get an educational license for a year, you need to fill out the in-app form. Here is a link on how to do it:

When filling out the form, please submit a form of verification (Student/Faculty ID) with a valid expiration date.
Having a student/teacher ID with a valid expiration date is a required part of the verification process. In case you do not have an expiration date on your student ID, you have two options:

  1. you can ask the Registrar’s Office at your university for a paper that would confirm your active status as a student/teacher
  2. provide a screenshot from your online student portal that has your name on it and the classes for the current semester.

Thank you for your reply.I have a student ID,but I don’t have school to do this?

Hello, It’s not compulsory to have a school email address and attaching a copy of your student Id with an expiration date on it will be sufficient.