Hello everyone,

I’ve added a lot of projects and even if there is now a folder function, it would still be useful to have a search on the title bar with a “find” label. It would really be a help for those who have many projects included. Another problem is that you can’t view projects by name, perhaps reducing the previews and displaying only the name and date.

When using it in windows I found that there is no key combination to switch between Modeling mode and Render mode. It would be very convenient to have it to insert it in a click of the mouse.

I felt the need to capture the screen when you are in Modeling mode, it would be very convenient to have the possibility in this mode as well, if possible, always with a combination of keys.

I tried the parametric beta version. Really interesting, I hope you can make the official version as soon as possible. Keep going this way and I won’t disappoint you.

Try Ctrl + Tab – it switches to the previously used “space”, so if you are switching back & forth between visualization and modeling, it’ll allow you to switch over without using the mouse.

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