"Flattening" Curved Body For CNC Cutting

I am drawing a part that will have a ribbed plywood frame on the inside to create a structural frame for the part, which sheets of plywood will be bent over said shape/curves to cover the frame and match said profile.

I have no issue drawing the bent pieces of plywood to match the frames profile in shapr, however since I would like to cut these pieces on my CNC machine, I’m trying to determine if there is a functionality in Shapr, or a clever workaround, where I could “flatten” these bent/curved pieces so I can cut them on my CNC and once I bend them around the actual form, they will fit as they do in the drawing…

Obviously when I “flatten” a curved sheet of plywood in real life, it’s outside dimensions will grow and its overall outlined profile will appear slightly different due to the change in perspective of being flat VS curved.

Thanks for any input and help!