Frameworks from the Polyhedral Hatchery

Studies on expanding from simple 3D Solid geometries into complex modular frameworks. Dodecahedron.


Great work🤩

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How many days you have been working on it ?:star_struck::star_struck:

Nice! I was playing around with the Platonic Solids myself testing an idea i have but fucked up and need to start over and got distracted. What are you trying to accomplish?

Luckily my one fuck up I printed works as a customizable modular D20 that you can make however you want by making it OP, making all but one side suck, adding random drinking challenges. Kinda like a random event generator dice for DnD even though I dont play. I’m broke and need money.


Teach me how to do this!

This did not take that long, A few hours maybe, the objective has been for me at least a discovery mission in 3D modeling. Shapr3D is a great tool, it does still lack quite a bit of modeling functions and has its limitations but it is a power horse for 3D modeling and a force to be reckoned with.


@Enginerd, I see you are on a discovery mission also, how easy or hard was it to create the Platonic solids on your model? My objective is to be able to model complex geometries from basic objects. So that when I’m requested by a client to generate such geometries, I’m ready to provide the solution with the proper know how, the correct tools and promptness. I’ve seen quite a bit of amazing objects that can be generated using Shapr3D, It is actually overwhelming and I tend to get distracted from the torrents of content. I have learned to pace myself by learning the basics on most 3D CAD platforms, sticking to the KnowHow and performing when needed, this has helped me enjoy the fruits of my labor and has kept me interested in this field. Will be glad to share tips on what little I know.


It took longer than I’d like to admit haha but a few hours. I was learning as I went. The hardest part was gettin the angles just right. Thats a good goal, I respect that. Discovery missions are overwhelming as hell. Geometry is hard.

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