Gears and rotation

Hello :wave:
Is there an easy way to do gear threads ?

This done with rotating and copying sketch on it’s center

Because I couldn’t get this to revolve on it’s center.

Also I’d like to mention it’s a good idea to add points tool where I can place center of anything

I’m not sure if I understood You well but I think that You can place the revolving point everywhere by dragging and pushing the “gizmo”. I do this everyday.

@Spacjamen thanks for reply

I’m asking about an easy way of making gears

And what I meant about points tool that you can draw over objects using this point you centered

Of course keepin the object unbound to the sketch is great idea
But points are needed incase you want to center a hole

In Shapr, simply dragging the centerpoint of any object with the move tool to the rim of a circle will center the point.
I would draw a single tooth by making sure the left side and right side profile of the tooth were a proper even fraction of 360 degrees where they crossed the circular core.
Then select the extruded tooth and drag the Move tool centerpoint to the edge of the circular core which will cause the tooth centerpoint to snap to the center of the circular core.
Then drag off a copy with the rotate arrow and type in the precise number of degrees between teeth. Then do this again only selecting Both teeth and dragging the centerpoint to center and dragging a copy off twice the number of degree used prior.
Do it again with 4 teeth. then 8, eventually you get to where you have All the teeth in a 6th, or fifth or even quarter of the gear circle, at which point you select them all, center to rotation point, and drag off 6, or 5 or 4 copies to complete the circle.

It’s annoying and the app really does need a simple repeat function to replicate a Copy/Move action to streamline this… but centering drawings and objects is actualy one of the things shapr does best.