Grid lines not showing up

I’ve been using, growing, and LOVING the appl. Today though, Inopened up a new design page, set my units and selected my view.

Every time I am selecting my view, my grid lines are not visible. I keep having to double table the navigation cube just to see the lines from the refreshed angle, then reselect my view again. Sometimes this works and sometimes it doesn’t. This hasn’t been the issue with prior use leading up to today. Can someone please advise?

That’s what I was thinking… thing is that I’ve zoomed and zoomed and zoomed both in and out watching the navigation # get huge and small without the issue being fixed.

With the new update grid have a little issue. When you change the view the grid hide. But with double tap on the view the grid appear again. Before update it was ok. Hopefully with next update it will get resolve.

Yes- there has been some issues, but a fix will be coming soon. Sorry about the inconvenience.