How can I stick a picture on surface of the form?

Do sharp3d have this Function.

Just click on the upload button and you can add photos to your topic.

Hi Rohan,
I guess Sam meant adding a decal to his geometry in Shapr3D (so form does not mean forum, it means geometry/body).
The answer to this question is: there is no decal-feature present in Shapr3D yet, but it is very likely to come sooner or later.
Cheers Matt.


Thank you sir . Learnt something new today!:innocent:

As @Matt_the-Rathje stated, this ability does not exist. Check out this thread I made a few years ago regarding this topic (and click on the link below the image).

Hey @TigerMike , nice job with the PNGs - as long as the faces have no curvature that is a nice workaround. Does this work also in visualization?
I am courious to see how the Guys from Shapr3D implement this feature - I use that quiet often in SolidWorks for parts we purchase for our machinery/plants and i can’t get 3D-data from the manufacturer. Or for front-panel-designs, etc.
Cheers Matt

Procreate supports adding photos to the surface of USDZ files… Just remember to make sure the model you export from shapr3d has Materials added to all the bodies.

That’s how I added the Shapr3d logo to this airtag I made.