How to draw a nano ball…

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It’s not clear for me if you are sharing a creation or looking for help.

In case, here is how I would proceed.

There seems to be 5 sectors, so 180/5 = 72°
Each sector has rows so we must divide 72° by 2, 3, 4, 5, so respectively 36°, 24° and it’s multiples, 18° and its multiples, 14,4° and its multiples.
Then, ultimately, the second hemisphere is the duplication of the top one (with the rotation chosen on the correct direction so it will create half a rotation at the equator)

Hope it helps.


I noticed the ball is made up of Hexagons and Pentagons much like a football…

Here’s my version with evenly spaced balls…

@PEC I created the ball the same way as I would a football but with balls at each of the intersections as well as in the centre of each hexagon and pentagon. This way all the balls are nested together nicely.


@welshsteve well done, I didn’t see the pentagon and the hexagon until you draw them.


Thank you very much for your help, because this nanosphere is just a schematic, so even I don’t have a clear picture.
But l really learn a lot from these two video, thanks a lot.

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You can get a lot of details which l always ignored, thanks for the tip

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