I bet you can't model this

hi guys,
I am using shapr3d since it launched and followed the development over the years. now, after quite a long time I still keep myself far, far away from paying for shapr3d because of its heavy lags.
let me explain.
the tool is GREAT, you can (by now) model quite a lot with a very nice sortiment of actions.
but - why is there no rectangle tool? why no polygon? why won’t a line snap to points on a surface? why am I not able to create faces from closed curves?
I love the following example - the octahedron.
try it. it’s as simple as it’s complicated. 3 squares copyrotated, that is easy. and how to make it solid?
how to draw a line onto a 3d-inclined surface edge? (without resulting in a curve, or without getting lost in empty space because obejct snaps won’t work?
maybe I’m doing a huge mistake and it is easily to solve, but then I’m very interested in your answers.
thanks a lot, and thanks at the dev team for that great, great app! keep going :slight_smile:
merry christmas!


Is this the half of sth you want?!
image image

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If you just want those 3 squares then you could give them their appropriate thickness and then they will become solids as in reality every single object has a thickness and not a 2D!

similar, if it was a platonic volume like the octahedron. an octahedron has 12 equal edges and 8 equal surfaces. the angle has to be exactly (180° - ) 109° 28′ 16″ in order to get one line equal as the other.
and this is just an example for the critics I wrote in the text (drawing /snapping on srf).

try it! :wink:

You win I got it to 20mm square, extrude 14.142mm, angle 37.28deg.
Happy Christmas.


Yes I got those pics from here to show to Jumbo

Have great holidays!

still doesn’t work.

extruding is not the solution here for exact modeling. as I already wrote the angle for platonics are not that simple.

and construction planes do only work on surfaces, not on curves.
so I will not be able to create a construction plane in exactly that angle.

maybe this is helping you to understand… https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Octahedron

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Draw a 20mm square
Extrude 14.142mm
Angle 37.28deg
Mirror the image

okay okay Paulr you win the contest! but that still doesn’t solve the problems… :smiley: (it’s more mathematical, not visual)

Please do talk literally. Give me the exact dimensions based on 2D sketches I will give it to you.

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let’s close this here. maybe it’s too difficult to explain or it’s just christmas today. sorry guys
as mentioned in the first post the octahedron is an example for the simple critics I gave to the program.
and please don’t tell me shapr is only for sketch use. there’s way more potential if adding some small features.