Mac Mini BluRay Case

As I need from time to time to make some backups on M-DISC BluRay discs and there are only ugly external cases out there I decided to buy such case, remove the small PCB and put it into my own case designed in Shapr3D (o;

Not the exact PLA filament color as I would like…but works fine :wink:


Very nice! Thanks for sharing…



Outstanding! Nice to see I’m not the only person who goes to great lengths to have cool looking innovations!

Well thanks :slight_smile:

The other choice was to live with this: (o;

And great to have now this one Pro plan only :slight_smile:

Was thinking before if I should renew after the one year my employer sponsored it…but now no question I will renew…especially as I have some SLDPRT designs I want to use/modify…