Mirror problem

I am currently on school computer and I have problem with mirroring, idk why.
does anyone know how to force it? it’s telling me that the body would be invalid but don’t tell me that program is so stupid that it can’t tell me why/repair it
this side: https://i.imgur.com/ubmQ0tC.png
on this: https://i.imgur.com/Ronx3Un.png
around that middle plain

Can you please share the Shapr3D design? An invalid body in mirroring regularly means a zero thickness issue somewhere, possibly along two neighboring edges.

yes but later sorry now I don’t have pc

I will never click on an Imgur link again. It was a nightmare trying to back out of it :roll_eyes:

tf- sorry to me it’s in imurg App or just a tab in Firefox😅you can’t close tabs or what

sorry I am back
I finally got to it and I fixed it just with extrude and different selection (body instead of all):sweat_smile: