Reply button is out of screen view

It seams that sense the last update the reply button is out of the screen view,just below the bottom of the screen left corner. I can not get it to move up the screen, instead the reply page just keeps getting longer like it has no end. Is there a setting somewhere to limit the page length for the reply screen. Even as I’m writing this reply the same problem exist, the only way to work around this is zoom in to 200% then the bottom of the screen just comes in to the screen view. The screen shots show the bottom of the screen view has hidden the reply button. The second screen shot is when I have to zoom in to see the bottom of the screen

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There is a trick to it. Changing focus to the other window and back works sometimes,

So this an ongoing problem, I’m the only one with this problem. I didn’t seam to have this issue before, have you had to use your method for a while or just recently after the update.

I find using landscape solves this