Section view failed


is there a limitation of the size of a model you can have a section view.
I have modeled a house and I can’t have a section view, it gives me a projection failed error.
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Hello! There is no limitation set, the issue must be something else. Could you please share the Shapr3D Design with us at:

I’ve tried to use the old method by projecting on a plane to export as a sketch.
but it fails too.
here is a video capture

and here is the file
SesPares 23_20220110_Attico.shapr (7,6 Mo)

I think the projection and sectioning issues are two different cases. The model you have uploaded is a much simpler one, it can be sectioned. Projection fails I can confirm, let us investigate it.

In the meantime, if you could send us the original file by opening a support ticket, I’d be happy to check why sectioning fails.

Hi Peter,

I have opened a support ticket with the original file but as you can see in the video I add I have failure to section this model too
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Thanks, I will have a look at it!