Section view mode into a colour

After the new update with again a lot of improvements (good job!) I noticed that the section view is no longer into the colour orange but into grey. Although colour is very subjective I think the orange colour gives better contrast. Or maybe it will be a nice feature if you can decide your own colour for the Section view modus. Looking forward to understand the reason for this change.
section view


Hello, can you reply on this? Is this how it is, or is there any setting for it?

Hi! We changed the section view color because the orange hatch pattern conflicted with a feature in the History Based Parametric Beta (indicating missing references in a design history step). Unfortunately you cannot configure the color now.

We have big long term plans to improve the section view (not just the color) but nothing in the short-term plans. However, we got several feedback about the choice of grey and will discuss it again in the team.

Hi Levente, Thanks for your reply and explanation. Oké that’s up to you of course. It will be a nice feature if someday the user can decide their own colour.