Show iPad touches during demo

I love Shapr3D, just as a hobby that reminds me the hours I spent in school on technical drawing table :slight_smile:

I’d like to show Shapr3D during a little stream I have.
How can I show where fingers and pencil are during the demo?

The trick using assistive option is not working here

Hi @Thierry, I am happy to see that you like Shapr3D!
The fingers and the pencil can be shown on the screen if you go to Settings, scroll down to Shapr3D, and enable the Tutorial Mode. You may have to restart the app, and after it, the gestures will be shown.

I don’t see a tutorial mode in settings. maybe I can record what I do if it’s not clear.
I may do it in a wrong way

Uh sorry, I meant in the iPad’s Settings!

oh I see :slight_smile:

Thanks a lot.
So it’s a built in feature of Shapr3D? nice to have the same UI as your own demo, a bit intimidating though :wink:

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Thanks a lot, the little demo went very well.
I always enjoy when I share knowledge and this integrated pencil and touches is just magic.
I may record proper videos, at my beginner level and in French.
I know some friends who prefer tutorials in their language.