The100 printer (Modded by me and built in Shapr3d)

I came across “The 100” 3D printer, so named because it can manage 100k acceleration, and print a benchy in 3,03 minutes. Which is fantastic. But it has a number of drawbacks:
(1) the print bed is very small (165x165)
(2) it uses the old 4-screw levelling method, rather than the far superior 3-screw method
(3) the bed suffers from occasional locking in the Z-direction

So I updated it to overcome each of the above. Unfortunately, I did this in Sketchup - and it took me months to get right (i.e. watertight and therefore 3D printable)

When I discovered Shapr3D, I began re-designing each part as part of my learning process. This was not without its issues, and discovering that Shapr3D just can’t do certain things. Maybe it can, but I haven’t found out how yet.

Anyway, here’s the printer.