Thinking about buying the software. Need some insight first!

Hello everyone, I am a jeweler entering the cad field. This software seems very intuitive and perfect for my line of work but im not exactly sure if shapr3d is right for me.

I would need to build out jewelery pieces. For example an engagement ring.

Would I be able to fully design a ring with exact measurements including prongs that hold diamond in place? If so i would need to convert the file to an STL and 3d print it. Is this possible ?

Ive tried looking for info and videos or people doing as such but no luck ! Instead ive seen people 3d model rings. But the models are just for asthetics and not practical for jewelry building as the gems are designed into the ring band with not seats or prongs.

Anyways, I would really appreciate any insight on this topic. Thanks for reading.

Do a ‘jewelry’ search on this forum. You’ll find many examples.

Shapr3D is ideal for creating jewelry. Once you’ve created your design, you export and choose STL or 3MF (if your slicer printer supports 3MF). I export to a FormLabs 3 resin printer, using a wax resin, which melts away when casted.

The issue im having, is the program suitable for creating small details like prongs? I have not seen anoyone create a ring with prongs on this software.

As far as I know the limitation is 0,0001mm for dimensioning a geometry (If you have a 3D-Printer with this resolution - let me know about the manufacturer and model-code)… From my experience most of the time the skills in using the particular software + creativity in modelling is the limiting factor - not the software itself.
I you can provide the community a (2D) drawing of a ring, I would expect more than one member happily proofing you that S3D is capable of doing this job.
That does not say, that you would be instantly be capable of doing that - there are many experienced guys with ingenious modelling skills here - but this is not the question that you want to answer.
Have you taken the 14 days free trial on S3D?
Cheers Matt

Hi Matt thanks for the reply.
Im looking to do cad designs as the photos ive uploaded. If those are specs of its limitations then I should be more then happy with the program.

I guess my next concern is personally learning how to build these rings. I dont see any examples online. Mainly ones just 3d modeling the rings.

Versus matrixgold or rhino where there are tons of resources to fully build out rings

Well… this ring you posted a picture of is not undercomplicated, but also not overcomplex. As long as you know how many copies you want in each circular pattern from the start (and do not need to change the amount on copies afterwards by +/- n).
To model that ring in S3D is not impossible, but also not a matter of minutes! (But I do not know any 3D-modelling-Software that is capable doing this job in several minutes).
The only advice I can give is: Try it! The software is free for ever unless you exeed 2 designs… and you may try the full functionality for 14 days for free… if you stumble, the community won’t let you fall (unless you are not too stubborn to take advice (there are rare examples on that) :wink: )
There is the saying: Making is like like wanting - just better!
Just do it! Try it!
Cheers Matt

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P.S.: Keep in mind: Rhino is there for 42 years now… S3D is existing for about nine years… if you like to compare examples that are about to be found online. The next thing is: Just because no-one ever did it before, that does not say it ain’t an good Idea to try first!

It’s more like 5 :slight_smile: