Toy Car - Quick Sketch requested by my 4yo daughter


My 4yo daughter was watching me work this morning and asked that I make her a 3D car so I made this quick sketch while following her strict design brief.


This is what I Love with Shapr3d, I’ve had people of all ages asking me about the app. I think the fact that you can see an object come to life in real time is what catches the eyes of many peoples

Nice car!


My youngest daughter (4yo) is extremely inquisitive and frequently asks how things work. Recently she asked how animals talk on TV prompting me to show her videos of how CGI brings animals (and objects) to life.
Taking animation back to basics I created a quick flip book to demonstrate how still images can be played in sequence to create the illusion of movement.
I think she’s going to be a ‘creative’ when she gets older and I’ll be there to encourage her every step of the way.
Her 7yo sister is also creative and loves drawing and making things with paper and card, some far more detailed than I’d expect from her age. Yet another creative in the making!

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