Training piece for stone setters

Here is a piece I proposed as a training for stone setter students. There are no bridges between the different parts because they have to be setted separately.


Very interesting.
Is there any possibility that you display one or two ‘Stones’ after their setting operation is completed?
Or perhaps you have some similar Designs already finished, that could be masked to show just a small area?

Unfortunately, I won’t be able to show you this model finished : it has been given to the students a few days before the COVID-19 reached our area, the school closed to students, and I haven’t seen them back yet !
But, tomorrow, I pop in to this school, and I will try to grab a similar model, all setted. Appart for the design, those training models are almost all the same, the purpose being to display the most different kinds of stone setting. I will gladly take a picture of one of this model, if I can get an hand on one !

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Thanks for your response.
Please do not take any risks, Stay Safe.
Wait until everything settles down, this is not urgent.

No worries, I had to go to school for meetings ! :slight_smile:

I hope this picture will give you a better sight.


Thank you for this information. it has provided an insight to something that I have never tried.

You are very welcome !
More infos I forgot to tell : for this is a « school » piece, the metal is casted brass, the stones are cubic zirconias. This is an exam piece, the students are given 24 hours to mount the stones.

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Thanks for sharing. Interesting! Where is the school located?

Hello, Thomas. The school is in Lyon, France.