Two bodies not uniting

I have an issue when trying to unite two bodies. Is it something to do with one having a cube symbol and the other a pentagon symbol? I

hi, the pentagon symbol means that it is a mesh model. If it’s a closed one, you should be able to apply the Union tool. Are there any error messages when you try to apply the tool?

Error message reads “Operation failed, invalid result body”. I think I may have to redraw one body where the error may be. Pity there is no un-union tool.

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You may not have to redraw it, a little bit of nudging could be enough. I am afraid the result would end in a body with zero thickness. Could you please share a screenshot of the two bodies?

I have since redrawn one body, where I considered the problem lay, this looks to have resolved the problem. Thanks for your input it is appreciated.

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