Windows update to match latest Beta version

what is the time frame it will take Shapr3d for windows to get updated with some of the new updates that have been done on the latest Beta version and do you see adding the new Visualize command to the windows version.

Thank you

We can’t give an exact date yet, but it’s catching up quickly, and in a few months it should be feature par with the other platforms.

Istvan do you see any major updates to the drawing side of Shapr3d for example:

able to add annotations to the drawing
able to have the dimensions aligned to the leaders and dimensions not on top of the dimension lines
able to flip arrows in or out on a dimension
able to add tolerances
able to add GD&T symbols to the drawing
able to add balloon callouts
able to have alignment of views
able to create Projection, Auxiliary, Detail and Section views, Shaded views

I also understand that shapr3d is a software that is getting better every day and I do understand that it takes time to get these things done but these are some of the things that I think would make Shapr3d great.

Thank you for your response.