1599 bodies used New Building Exterior Design in South Korea


Wow !! That is amazing :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck: :star_struck:

Fascinating. How are you using these models in your workflow?

This work goes through the same process as building design. As described in the shapr 3D manual, it is a rule to draw one line at a time. First, according to the scale, the building plane and each floor of the building are piled up on the site, and the reinforced concrete or steel structure is cut out and dug according to the structure to create a skeleton. To complete the exterior finish on the second frame, the window frames and glass are placed and, most importantly, the exterior panels are colored and the same is copied and completed. However, due to insufficient capacity, there is only the biggest difficulty in reducing the number of bodies. If this problem is solved, I will tell you that the Shapr 3d program is the best over the others. In the development team, if you can solve this problem and let me know first, it will help me to move forward in the development of architectural design. Thank you.

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