A building constructed with Shapr 3D Design

Shapr 3D Design and Real architecture in Korea




Amazing! How did you use Shapr3D in the design process?

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How many days you have been working on it ?

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Building design time can be a day or an hour a week. For reference, although the exterior of a building is important, I designed Ceramic panels and Kera-Twin modules, which are materials for the exterior. The size of each panel is 1,200mm X 3,600mm. Each panel needs to be able to be dropped from the building so that you can see inside.


In the order of construction or design, the columns and concrete walls are installed on the foundation and the ground floor of the first floor, and the exterior finishing (exterior panels and window frames) are installed by stacking them up, and the roof railing is installed up to the thickness of the roof railing. Also, when I have enough time to paint, I also express cars in the parking lot. Soon, like all things, they say that it is a hard work.


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