2 Requests, Items list optimization

Can we please find a way to fix 2 things that are more of a nuisance and annoyance than anything. They’re honestly just those lil nagging things that take up extra time for literally no reason.

  1. Can we please get a way to mass delete these empty folders? You can select as many as you want, but all have to be individually swiped on and deleted. I know you can select them all, put them into a new folder then swipe once to delete that. Why isn’t there an option to have the trashcan pop up? You can mass delete them with bodies inside by hitting the trashcan, but not empty?

  2. Re-Naming things at the very bottom of the Items list. This is probably iPad specific, but when you select it to rename and the Keyboard comes up, can’t see shit unless you scroll through to get to it. Would be lovely if the item/folder being renamed follows that keyboard top as it pops up.

Again these are just stupid things that are more nitpicking and annoying but when having to repeat them over and over dozens of times daily it snowballs.